December 18, 2009: ME Squat

Raw Squat

·         135, 185, 225, 275 x 2 x 2 sets each wt

·         315 x 2 x 10 sets

Haven’t squatted raw in a long time, its only 315 but doing this raw is good for me as pathetic as that sounds.  Had my hip worked on Thursday and it felt much better.  Also have a lead from one of my customers who happens to be a Physical Therapist about getting what amounts to a cartilage injection.  At this point I would do anything to squat _ dead w\out pain.  Going to see her again Monday and will get more info and get the ball rolling on this.

Accessory: light deads

Only ran with a 4 man crew this week.  No bullshit and no drama just a crew that wants to train hard and help each other get strong….what a concept!  Going to keep it this way.


December 16, 2009: ME Bench

Raw To Chest

·         135, 225, 275 x 3

·         315, 365 x 1

·         405 x 1

Played around in a Rage-X shirt but it didn’t feel good.  Going to stick with my denim and have some slight alterations made.

Accessory: KB Bench, 3 x 15; standing tricep extensions on lat machine; face pulls, rope curls, neck


December 14, 2009: ME Dead

Light deads, working form

Olympic Shrugs

Up to 405 x 5 x 5 sets

Accessory: face pulls, seated rows, db shoulder work


SPF Meet 12/5/09

Squat: 815

Bench: 510

Dead: 575

Total: 1900; 1st Place @ 198


Congratulations to Mike Hill for 2000 at 220...820 Squat, 540 Bench _ 640 Dead!


Meet Recap: Rough start and rough finish but good enough in the middle to at least get back on track.


We had a great training cycle going into the meet.  I was very patient and dare I say intelligent for the most part of this training cycle.  By intelligent I mean there was great emphasis put on technique and for the first time I didn’t miss anything in the gym (with the exception of one deadlift my wife insists was not completely locked at the top – I would have thrown the red challenge flag so it could have gone either way).  At any rate training was on point.  My bodyweight for the end of the cycle was 202-205 which is a few pounds light for me but I felt strong so no worries.  After weigh-ins we went thru the process of hydrating and getting weight back.  Now this little story will sound stupid but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  About 6 weeks out from the meet I started taking Centrum Cardio w\ some sort of Cholestoral fighting deal in it as well.  This was unintentional as I thought I just had a regular Centrum multi-vitamin and didn’t think anything of it.  Long story short is this Centrum actually was like a mild diuretic and kept my weight lower than normal.  I didn’t take these vitamins with me to the meet so when I started putting weight back on after weigh-ins I held everything….and then some.  I woke up meet day at 210, which is pretty heavy for me.  Needless to say this caused some issues with my gear fitting.  After 40 minutes of getting my suit on, cutting the leg openings to give some relief, dumping water on the suit and subsequently missing most of my warm ups it was obvious we had a problem.   I didn’t have a backup suit so we just had to go with it.  Opened with 760 and after what felt like an eternity getting in the hole I got the up signal only to fire and not even budge the weight…and I mean it didn’t move.  So bad the announcer was like “not sure what happened there but he still has 2 more attempts”….lol.  My legs and hips were a wreck after this and I was ready to pack my shit and go home.  I looked at Mike Hill and said something to the effect of “brother, I’m fucked….”  Mike informed me he had a suit in the back I could try.  I figured what the hell I just want out of this suit.  So we go to the back and take my suit and briefs on and put on a thin pair of Boss briefs I use to deadlift in and Mike Hill’s suit.  Mike is about 15 lbs or so heavier than me so the suit slid right on and being the gear whore I am I didn’t think this was a good sign but we had no other options.  We had planned to pass the 2nd attempt to give me time to recover but we ended up having time to go for the 2nd attempt after getting the new gear on and opted to go for it.  My training partner, Kenny Mox, was coach and was calling my numbers.  Without my knowledge he took me to 790 on my 2nd attempt.  I setup good with the weight took it down and did an ugly good morning squat that somehow I finished.  It looked like everything I had to get the weight but hey we were in the meet.  After the attempt I still assumed the weight was 760 so I told Kenny take it to whatever you want on a 3rd upon which he informed me we had just done 790 much to my surprise.  I told him to go whatever I just didn’t want to know.  Kept the headphones on for the 3rd until the bar was loaded….setup smooth and handled the weight from start to finish….good lift with even some trash talking at the top.  815…3 whites.  In light of everything we went thru I was very pleased with the 815.  I had done 815.5 a few years ago in a meet so I wish we would have gone 820 for a PR but based on how I looked on the other attempts I don’t blame them for not taking me higher.


Bench:  Felt pretty good going into the bench.  First time I wasn’t worried about my arm snapping in a long time so that was a plus.  Opened with 485…nice and smooth….went to 510 on the 2nd Attempt for a 5lb PR…good lift with good speed and lockout.  We got a little greedy on the 3rd and called for 530….locked out the left arm and ran my right arm into the upright about an inch or so from lockout.  I handled the weight well and if I would have setup on the bench better it may have went.  Either way I was happy and we were setup for a PR total going into the deads.


Deadlift = Disaster.

My right hip that I’m constantly bitching about was talking dirty to me after the squats due to all the dumb shit.  Only warmed up to 315 b\c I was hurting so bad.  Opened with 575 and pulled it stiff leg but it gave us a 1900 lb total and secured 1st  Place at 198.  Called for 600 on a 2nd to get back to a 1925 Pro total.  The weight came off the floor great but as soon as my right hip transitioned in to work I felt pain like someone had shot me and blew my entire leg off so I had to drop it and limp my sorry ass off the platform.  That was it for the day….nothing left in the tank or the hip I should say so I passed my 3rd.


After some pissing and moaning I decided the 1900 was at least a step in the right direction.  Squat is pretty much back on track and I actually enjoy benching again now that my arm is not as much of a concern.  I have a plan for the hip and the deadlift so hopefully we can get this back over 600 again very soon.  Back to work…..NEVER STRONG ENOUGH!!!




Recap of what we have been doing the last few weeks….now its time to back off the heavy sessions and focus on accessory work, volume and recovery.  Ready for the meet.


   Week                                      Deadlift                                                                    Bench                                                                         Squat


Pin 2 racks: 625 no strap, 675 strap

Dbl choked purple: 365 x 1-2B; 375 x 1-1B

690, 750 x 1 - 2" high; 820, 880 - 4" high


Pin #1 Rack Deads w\ Monster mini: 555 x 1; briefs

100 lb chain: 405 x 1 - 3B, 2B, 1B

Blue band: 225, 275, 315 x 2 x 2 sets; 405 x 1; 505 x 1


Reverse Blue band: 605 x1-briefs only

495 x1 - 1.5 Board

620 _ 200lb chain


October 24, 2009: ME Squat

Meet Simulation

Straight Weight w\ Mastodon Bar

·         150 x 3 x 2 sets

·         260 x 2 x 2 sets

·         350 x 1 x 2 sets

Canvas Suit On

·         460 x 1

·         550 x 1

·         625 x 1 – light knee wrap, straps up

·         690 x 1 – this would be last warm-up

·         740 x 1 – Opener (ish)

·         790 x 1 – 2nd Attempt(ish)

Rack Deads, pin 2 on 2” box

·         225, 315, 365 x 5



October 21, 2009: ME Bench

Reverse Blue Band in rack

·         Worked up to 445 x 1 raw to chest

Shirt on

·         495 x 1

·         555 x 1

·         605 x 1

·         640 x 1

I have been training for 12 years and I finally prefer benching with the shirt rather than without out it.  If you are going to press big weight in a shirt you have to train in the shirt all the time.  We squat in gear all the time so why the hell wouldn’t you bench in gear all the time.  Sometimes we over-complicate shit…keep it simple stupid

Kettle Bell bench; lat machine tris, abs, bis, KB tris


October 19, 2009: ME Dead

Doubled mini band pulls (~200lb band tension)

·         315 x 1 x 5 sets

·         365 x 1

·         405 x 1

·         465 x 1; Planned on doing speed singles but felt good so went heavier, all sets were fast including the 465.  Deadlift form improving, getting more leg drive so I’m in better position to lock out at the top.  This also somewhat eliminates my grip issue b\c the bar is in the correct position and not out in front.

Body-weight pull-ups to failure; band leg curls, smith machine rows, wide face pulls


October 18, 2009: Speed

Doubled mini _ 100lb chain for speed singles

Tris, bis, light back, abs


October 16, 2009: ME Squat


Green Band Box Squats

·         225 x 2 x 2 sets

·         275 x 2 x 2 sets

·         325 x 2 x 8 sets

·         415 x 2

Light assistance


October 14, 2009: ME Bench

Deload: Floor Press

·         225 x 3 – add 1-20lb chain per side up to 200 lb chains total

Accessory: normal shit, more focus on middle back, getting shoulder worked on Friday before squat


October 11, 2009: Speed

Straight weight up to 255 x 3; shoulders, bis, tris, abs


October 9, 2009: ME Squat

Blue Band


·         225 x 2 x 2 sets

·         275 x 2 x 2 sets

·         325 x 2 x 2 sets

Suit on, straps down – added 100 lb chain w\ blue band

·         315 x 2

·         375 x 1

·         415 x 1

·         505 x 1 (knee wraps, straps down)

Form improving each week.  One thing I need to focus on is speed with heavier weights.  Feeling good, sticking with the plan.


October 7, 2009: ME Bench

Reverse Green Band in rack with 2 Board


·         Up to 445 x 1


·         505 x 1

·         535 x 1

·         565 x 1

·         605 x 1 (30 lb PR)

Fat bar w\ hanging kettle bells, louie db triceps, upper back work, biceps, abs


October 5, 2009: ME Dead

Hanging purple bands (not much off maybe 30 lbs at the floor)

·         Worked up to 575 x 1 (briefs); weight pretty easy but my confidence on the deadlift is shit right now so I’m trying to keep my form on point and build momentum each week

Leg press, pull ups, lat machine face pulls, reverse hypers, grip work, abs, calves


October 4, 2009: Speed

Don’t remember what I did, light recovery work


October 2, 2009: ME Squat

OFF – slammed at MOC, worked until about 1:00 AM


September 30, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest

·         Up to 365 x 1

Shirt work: double choked monster mini _ 100 lb chain vs 2 Board

·         Up to 335 x 2

Tris, Bis, back


September 28, 2009: ME Dead

Dbl mini

·         225 x 1 x 5 sets

·         315 x 1 x 4 sets

·         365 x 3

Glute-ham but not much else, ran out of gas for whatever reason so just did a few assistance exercises and left. 


September 27, 2009: Speed

Speed bench w\ dbl monster mini _ reg mini, 9 sets


September 25, 2009: ME Squat

100 lb chain to box, breifs

·         225, 275, 315 x 2 x 2 sets each weight

·         365 x 2 x 10 sets

·         405 x 2

This is the first week of a 3 week phase focusing on speed and volume.  Felt great tonight, hip feels good when I take time to get warmed up.  Got stronger as the sets went on…staying the course for a change.

Light band deads


September 23, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest

·         Up to 365 x 1

Shirt work: double choked monster mini _ 100 lb chain vs 3 Board

·         Up to 315 x 2

Tris, Bis, back


September 21, 2009: ME Dead

Hanging Green Band Deads from rack

·         465 x 1 x 5 sets

·         515 x 1 x 2 sets

·         555 x 1

·         625 x 1

Reverse hypers, band pull ups, t-bar rows, grip work, abs, bis, shrugs, rear delt


September 20, 2009: Speed

After being at the mall all day headed to the gym for some blood flow work.  Did some circuit shit and timed exercises to feel the pump as the commercial gym fags say.


Quick Story: At the mall as indicated earlier for a small business expo to promote Maxed Out Customs.  We had my 09 Challenger and 08 Dodge Ram 1500 in as displays along with a bunch of other cool shit.  We have 24” wheels on the truck and some douchebag comes up and asks how much we have in the wheels and answers his own question with “$300” I proceed to tell him we have closer to $2800 in the entire\wheel package upon which he responds “that’s probably more than what the truck is worth.”  Now I’m trying to be polite because I’m running a business and that’s what you are supposed to do so I just nod at him.  He then says “I wouldn’t give you 5 cents for that truck” upon which I reply with “why don’t you just take your ass down the fucking mall then because you don’t have 5 fucking cents.”  This fat cockranger has neck hair 6 feet long and a beer belly and a stinch that would kill a fucking skunk.  One of the guys who works for me had to grab me and walk me away.  Kind of funny in retrospect and probably a situation that’s not in the 12 Principles of Management book but I’m not changing who I am just because of the business.  What you see is what you get…fuck it.  We had a great weekend though and should do a lot of business as a result.  Also witnessed some white trash fat guys imitate a fight because the one made a comment about the others girl (who was 1 of the 5 ugliest women in the entire solar system).  The one dude kicked the other near his junk and then tried to throw a punch that was off by 3 feet, give or take a foot.  You gotta love white trash!


WTF happened to our boy Rich Franklin!? 

September 18, 2009: ME Squat

No squat tonight, slammed all week at MOC and had to get ready for a small business expo at the mall.  I prefer not to miss a workout unless someone in my immediate family is dead or dying but after the heavy session last week I figure it will actually do some good to take a squat night off to give my junk hip an extra week to recover. 


September 16, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest

·         Up to 365 x 1

Double choked purple to 2 Board in shirt (approx 175-200 lbs at top)

·         315 x 1 x 3 sets

·         365 x 1

·         405 x 1

Tris, Bis and fat girl lies


September 14, 2009: ME Dead

Speed Pulls vs Green band

·         315 x 1 x 12 singles

·         365 x 1

Heavy reverse hypers, abs, rows, KB shrugs, grip work, calve raises


September 13, 2009: Speed

Light workout, beat up from Friday


September 11, 2009: ME Squat

Reverse monster mini bands

·         460

·         550

·         660

Canvas Suit, straps up w\ light knee wrap

·         750

·        850

·        900 (45 lb PR)


Light Deads off 3” box


September 10, 2009

Time to start updating logs again.

A lot of things have changed in my life over the last several months.  I opened a new business, Maxed Out Customs, which specialized in Automotive Performance _ Accessory.  It has

been scary and exciting all at the same time.  Fortunately, things are going great with the business and with life in general.  Training has been going well recently also, went back

to what has worked for me in the past with training philosophy and gear.  Looking forward to competing again but only when I’m ready.  Body feels good, time to work!



June 19, 2009: ME Squat

No squats tonight, didn’t get back from Indiana for business until 830pm

Check out my newest venture @


June 17, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest

  • 95, 135, 185 x 8
  • 225 x 3
  • 275 x 1
  • 315 x 1
  • 365 x 1 – 2 board
  • 405 x 1 – 3 board

Shirt w\ 2 Board

  • 455 x 1 x 3 sets
  • 485 x 1

Feeling very good in the shirt, all sets were very smooth and fast.  Speed next week and then sets at 475 the following week.  Going to take a weight to chest in about 4 weeks to see if the program is really working.

225 x 21

Accessory: hanging 25s in red bands; SS Bar skull crushers; lat pulldowns; bicep curls; heavy band abs


June 15, 2009: ME Dead

Rack pulls vs monster mini

  • 225, 315, 365, 405, 455, 505 x 1
  • 565 x 1
  • 595 x miss

Went for a 10lb PR and missed, grip didn’t give out so my grip work is paying off.  Need to stay discipline on my form to make these lifts.

Accessory: shrugs; grip work; band leg curls; quad squats


June 14, 2009: Speed Work

Band Bench w\ different grips; shoulder work; bi’s; tri’s; abs


June 13, 2009

Another trip through the neighborhood on the mountain bike followed by pushing my son around in the wheel barrow, going farther each time.


June 12, 2009: ME Squat

Chain Squat, parallel, Mastadon Bar

  • 600 x 1 x 5 sets
  • 700 x 1

Titan gear needs to be tighter in the hips…a lot tighter…having the briefs taken in another 1\2” and the suit 1” per side.   The 700 felt better than any of the 5 sets at 600, sometimes I think too much instead of just squatting the weight.  Feeling better about form and the gear.


June 10, 2009: ME Bench

Raw: up to 315 x 1 off chest (paused)

Foam Press (paused)

  • 225 x 3 x 2 sets
  • 285 x 3 x 2
  • 325 x 3 x 5
  • 375 x 3

225 x 18

Accessory: hanging 25s in red band; shoulder press on calf machine; Fry presses; rope curls; db tricep extensions; t-bar rows


June 9, 2009: Squat\Dead Accessory

Got home this evening and it was just me and my 16 month old son Michael since Mason and Heather were at the grocery.  As we went thru the garage Michael walked up to Heather’s bicycle that has a baby seat on it and continued to point at it and then grunt at me indicating I should take him for a ride.  I tried to explain to him that daddy doesn’t do cardio (or ride women’s bikes) but he wasn’t having any part of it.  So what the hell, I loaded him up and off we went.  Now I live in a somewhat hilly neighborhood so by the time we got about 500 yards I was ready to fucking die.  Michael didn’t seem to mind and insisted we press on.  We managed to make it up a few more hills and out of our neighborhood to flat land and even downhill for a few minutes much to my pleasure.  We went about a mile I suppose down to where there are some cows for our viewing pleasure and decided to turn around and head home.  The shitty part about going down hill is that on the way back it becomes up hill.  Due to my impressive cardio conditioning I had to actually get off for a while and push the bike which Michael thought was pretty funny.  16 months old and already has a sick sense of humor, I’m doing something right.  After more huffing and puffing, and the long-awaited down hill trek toward the house we made it safely back to the garage.  Since I was feeling pretty good about my cardio expedition I decided to take it another step.  I bought a wheel barrow about 2 months ago with the intention of pushing it up some of my local hills in an attempt to get some cardio in and hopefully help my Deadlift in the process.  Anyone who knows me understands that I don’t do physical labor so the wheel barrow obviously wasn’t intended for wheel barrowing shit around.  At any rate, I plopped Michael in the wheel barrow much to his pleasure and off we went.  We made a big circle around the neighborhood up some nice hills with me grunting and breathing like a dragon and Michael laughing and pointed at birds and dogs and other vermin.  The neighbors looked at me like I was an idiot but that just made it more fun.  All in all it was good times.  My boy and I had a nice bonding experience and I got to do some extra work.  Going to try and do this on Tuesday and Saturday for a few months while its warm.  I think this type of conditioning will help my lifting plus my boys will enjoy it.  Lance Armstrong look the fuck out!



June 8, 2009: ME Dead

Deads against purple bands, suit

  • 415 x 1 x 5
  • 455 x 1

Accessory: reverse hyper, t-bar rows, db rows, band leg curls, leg press, abs

Happy Birthday Josh Murphy.  A few of us went to the local establishment for a few drinks after training.  Allegedly, we got a bit fucked up but we shut it down around 10pm so no permanent damage.  Eminem isn’t very popular at red neck bars but there wasn’t anything the toothless patrons could do about it.  Eminem raps like Christopher Reeves…funny shit.


June 5, 2009: ME Squat

Deload: 415 x 1 x 6 singles; briefs


June 3, 2009: ME Bench

Raw: up to 315 x 1 off chest; 365 x 1 off 2 Board

Shirt singles off 2 board

  • 405 x 1
  • 425 x 1 x 5 singles
  • 455 x 1

Accessory: band skull crushers, shoulder press, bar pushdowns, lat pulldowns, bi’s, abs


June 1, 2009: Squat\Dead Assistance

Not going to pull or squat this week to give my body a break

Belt squats, heavy reverse hypers, lat pulldowns, heavy band abs

Worked on squat form for about 30 minutes, need to work on flexibility and flaring my knees.  Found a few tricks to help me flare better in the hole but most of all need to work on flexibility.

Might do some yoga in my butt-less leather chaps bitches!


May 31, 2009: Speed Work

Speed work w\ chains

Military in rack up to 315 x 5, nice PR for me

Tri’s, Bi’s, abs


May 29, 2009: ME Squat

Harrington Chain Workout

  • 1-2 inches high
    • up to 650
  • 4 inches high
    • 700 x 1
    • 745 x 1
  • 6 inches high
    • 835 x 1
  • 1 inch high
    • 700 x 1 – this was the easiest and fastest I’ve done 700, again 700 should be fast and easy but after handling 835 this was a joke.  Still need to tweak the new Titan gear I’m wearing but I’m convinced this chain workout will be good.


Phil Harrington _ Dave Hoff came down to help us set up Phil’s chain routine that has been producing great results for several lifters.  Most people will look at this, as I did initially, and ask why the fuck you would squat high.  Without getting into a deep philosophical analysis, the basic objective of the chains is to develop speed strength and top end overload.  Also, if you start the squat, or any lift for that matter, correctly you should finish it correctly. 


I have been doing band squats for 10 years now so suffice it to say its time for a change.  I’m way to dependant on a box and my squats have been pathetic as of late to say the least.  I had another shitty outing in Nashville so it was time to ask for help.  I’m in a big rut and I can’t seem to get out and I’m not too proud to ask for help.  I need to get back to basics and work form.  I’m certain that I’m stronger  now than when I hit 1923 in 2007 but injuries, over-training, over-thinking and just being a stubborn fuck are preventing me from reaching my goals.  I’m fucking tired of doing shitty at meets, there are no excuses I just suck right now but I’m going to fix it or die trying.  I have a lot of good people helping me out and I’m not going to let them down.


Congratulations to Jon Brown for going 9 for 9 in Nashville by way of 785 Squat, 600 Bench, 550 Dead and a big PR total of 1935 at 220s.  Congrats to Mike Hill for a big day as well by going 7 for 9 with an  815 Squat – 520 Bench – 615 Dead and 1950 total for 1st place at 220s.


May 8, 2009: ME Squat\Dead

Chuck Fought trained with us this evening and after running a few crews thru with the reverse monster mini a challenge was issued.  The Challenge: Chuck and I would both do the reverse monster minis for a max single, I being the gear whore that I am not to mention substantially less strong than Chuck would be able to wear full gear while Chuck would wear only a belt.  I just received a new Titan Boss suit and briefs and was anxious to try it out since my canvas may need to be retired.  Raw vs Gear Whore.


We set the bands up a little different than we have previously to ensure minimal tension.  Instead of putting the band over top of the monolift arm we put it thru the middle of the top piece.  When you stand up with the weight there is zero band tension as the bar clears the band, also figure to take off only about 20 lbs in the hole with anything over 600 lbs.  All in all it really doesn’t make a fuck what the tension is or is not, just want to make sure I document how we did them so if we do them again I know how we set them up and how heavy we went. 


55 lb Squat Bar


  • 255, 345, 435 x 2
  • 525 x 1

Suit and Briefs

  • 615 x 1
  • 705 x 1

Suit, Briefs _ Knee Wraps

  • 805 x 1
  • 845 x 1

Chuck and I both hit the 845 and it was pretty heavy for both of us.  I hit it first and was thinking I might have the bastard but he actually was stronger with 845 than 805.  As soon as he hit it he looked at me and said hey let’s call this a draw and go Deadlift which I quickly agreed was the best course of action.  Fought is retarded strong, he basically did a 800+ raw squat and at least I can squat over 800.


Deads w\ Green band over

  • 135, 225, 315, 405 x 1
  • 495 x miss – gassed by this time

Chuck did 600 x 5 like it was an empty bar.  Gear can’t save a gear whore on the Deadlift.  Good training session.


May 6, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest: 225 x 5

2 Board _ 100 lb chain – Shirt

  • 275 x 1
  • 315 x 1
  • 385 x 1
  • 415 x 1
  • 445 x 1 (40 lb PR)

Felt great in the shirt, gangstered the sleeves up good and have been working on lowering my shoulders and drifting the bar to start the bench motion.  The Sunday speed work and shoulder work has been a huge help.  If you haven’t tried Jay Fry Presses they are a great accessory exercise (bench fags need love to...Jay is actually pretty cool and he’s at least trying to squat and can pull descent so he’s been removed from bench fag status -  for now)

Accessory: ton of shit, don’t remember specifics


May 4, 2009: ME Dead

Belt Squats: 4 sets

Deads from floor vs doubled mini (approx 200lb band tension)

  • 325 x 1 x 10
  • added purple band x 1
  • purple band off, green band on x 1
  • doubled mini, green band, purple band x miss; Apparently you can only add so many bands before the combined tension makes your ass want to fall off.  Once all the bands kicked in this felt like a fucking HOUSE so I immediately put the shit down b\c there was no way I was pulling thru it.  Deads are feeling pretty good lately.  The grip work in every session is making a huge difference.  What a concept….always dropping the bar out of one hand….work on your gip…that’s science bitches!

Stiff leg deads: 225 x 10 x 3 sets

Sled work x 4 trips; 2 hip slides, 2 forward\backward trips

Rows, face pulls


May 3, 2009: Speed Work

Monster mini to chest

  • 95 x 5 x 5 sets; different grips
  • 145 x 5

Straight Weight: 135 x 10; 185 x 10; 225 x 21

Shoulder work, triceps, biceps, abs


May 4, 2009: ME Squat\Dead

55lb Squat Bar


·         325 x 2 x 3 sets

·         405 x 2 x 3 sets


·         505 x 1

·         605 x 1

·         705 x 1

·         750 x 1

Rack Deads vs monster minis on Pin 1

  • up to 555 x 1


April 29, 2009: ME Bench

Raw to chest: 225 x 5

Raw, 2B

  • 275 x 3, 315 x 2, 365 x 1

Shirt, 2B:

  • 405 x 1
  • 455 x 1
  • 485 x 1
  • 505 x 1

Used an old Karin shirt that I found at the gym, jacked the sleeves a bit for the 505 and pushed thru it pretty smooth.  I hate benching.

Accessory: band pushdowns, shoulder press, lat pulldowns, db rows, grip work, abs, Fry presses


April 27, 2009: ME Dead

Speed pulls (kinda)

  • 205 x 1 x 10 singles; started out w\ a monster mini, then added a doubled mini, then added chain, then added more chain…ended up with 205 bar weight with a monster mini, doubled mini and 200lb chain…figure this to be about 600 at the top (not that it really makes a fuck); no gear, no belt except for the last single

Accessory: SS Bar GM Squats\Wide Squats w\ purple band, leg press, t-bar rows, fat bar holds for grip (doing grip every fucking training day), db rows, reverse hypers


Didn’t take much down time after the meet just didn’t feel like posting shit.


April 26, 2009: Speed Work

Speed bench, shoulder work, triceps, biceps


Tennessee SPF Meet, 3/28/09

Squat 1

Squat 2

Squat 3

Bench 1

Bench 2

Bench 3

Dead 1

Dead 2

Dead 3






















Yet another shitty meet. 


March 14, 2009: ME Squat

Worked up to 505 x 1 in briefs after a few light sets and shut it down.  “Can’t get stronger 2 weeks out but you can get weaker.”


Now we wait….


March 11, 2009: ME Bench

2 Board, straight weight


·         225, 315, 365 x 3

·         405 x 2

Metal denim shirt on

·         455 x 1

·         495 x 1

Accessory: db flyes, press, louie dbs, biceps, military press, abs


March 9, 2009: ME Dead

Rack pulls Pin #1 vs monster minis, belt only

  • 225, 315, 405, 405, 455 x 3
  • 505, 555 x 2
  • 610 x miss

Moved the 610 pretty well off the pins but just couldn’t hold on at the very top where the bands kick in full force.  I’m beat the fuck up, arm is aching pretty good, hope to make it thru the last heavy bench session on Wednesday and then focus on recovery.  Not going to this meet beat down like we were at the pro\am. 

Accessory: leg press, reverse hypers, belt squats, band leg curls, face pulls, abs


A few gym pics from squat session a few weeks ago…I’m the pretty one..


3  3

                                                                Maxwell                                                                                                                                                                                Maxwell

3  3

                                                                Josh Murphy                                                                                                                                                       Spence McKimmie

3  3

                                                                Jon Brown                                                                                                                                                           Bill Berry


March 8, 2009: Speed\Recovery

Light shit, easy shit


March 7, 2009: ME Squat

Raw, no band, box

·         135, 225 x 3 x 2 sets

Chain _ 55lb squat bar

Briefs only, to box

·         325 x 2 – 2 chain per side

·         325 x 2 – 3 chain per side

·         325 x 2 – 4 chain per side

·         415 x 1 – 4 chain per side (light knee wrap)

                Full Gear

·         505 x 1– 4 chain per side

·         585 x 1– 4 chain per side

Last set, best set.  Hit depth without issue (for a change) and moved the weight smooth.  Going to de-load and focus on speed next week then its recovery until the meet\WAR

Accessory: band leg curls, one-leg reverse hyper, wide pull-downs


Go see movie Gran Torino, awesome flick.  Client Eastwood is still the man.  He says “gook” at least 100 times in the movie, love that word!  Also, tells one “gook” he “used to stack zipper-heads like him 5 high and use them as fucking sandbags!”  I fucking love it!  Another great quote: “Hey spook…you ever run into someone you just shouldn’t fuck with….that’s me…”


March 4, 2009: ME Bench

Reverse Green Band in rack


·         225, 315, 365, 405 x 2

Metal denim shirt on

·         455, 505, 535, 560 x 1

560 touched but looked like shit on the way down, locked it out descent but all around fucking ugly.   Benching is gay.

Accessory: db flyes, press, louie dbs, biceps, military press, abs


March 2, 2009: ME Dead

Deads from floor


  • 225, 315, 405 x 2 x 2 sets
  • 455 x 2

Fusion suit on

  • 505 x 2
  • 570 x 2
  • 610 x 1

Deads felt really good, 610 is a gym PR which hopefully translates into a meet PR.  I used a 34 Inzer Fusion instead of the 36 I had been using.  The 34 doesn’t have velcro straps to adjust but the straps on this seem to fit right and its tighter in the hips.  Going to continue to focus on heavy reverse hypers, abs and grip until the meet, hopefully this is a key to my Deadlift.

Accessory: reverse hyper, pull-thrus, t-bar rows, db rows, cable rows, db grip work, abs


March 1, 2009: Speed\Recovery

No training, down with a sinus infection so figured it would be best to take it easy


February 28, 2009: ME Squat

Raw, no band to box

·         135, 225 x 3 x 2 sets

·         315 x 2

Blue band _ 55lb squat bar

·         325 x 2 x 3 sets

·         375 x 2

·         415 x 1

                Suit, no box

·         505 x 1

We did a lot of good work sets like we used to do.  The 405 in briefs was easy and my best set as I took my time to get setup right.  I put the suit on for the last set just to make sure I was comfortable and could get in the hole.  The suit felt good so I shut it down here, no need to max out every week of training…that’s what the meet is for.  Chains and heavier bar weight next week then deload then its meet time.

Accessory: band leg curls, glute-ham, pull-downs


February 25, 2009: ME Bench

Reverse Blue Band in rack


·         225, 315, 365 x 3 x 2 sets

·         405 x 2, 455 x 1

Metal denim shirt on

·         505, 535, 565, 595 x 1

This is the first time I have felt comfortable in the shrit in a LONG time.  I was having trouble touching at first so we pulled the shirt up on my shoulders more for the last one and I was able to get within about a half inch of touching and probably could have touched if I pulled the bar down more.  No problem moving the weight or locking it out, decided not to go heavier since we have 2 more weeks of shirt work (reverse green then reverse purple).

Accessory: db flyes, press, louie dbs, biceps, military press, abs


February 23, 2009: Squat\Dead Accessory

Leg press, Chuck V GM squats, face pulls, seated rows, abs

Heavy reverse hypers for 5 sets of 5; I hate these but know my Deadlift desperately needs them, going to do them heavy as possible twice a week for 3 weeks


February 22, 2009: Speed\Recovery

Speed Bench w\ chains x 9 sets, different grip each set

Shoulder, tricep _ bicep work


February 20, 2009: ME Squat\Dead (deload week)

Camber Bar _ Green Band w\ box

·         225 x 2 x 3 sets

·         275 x 2 x 3 sets

·         315 x 2 x 5 sets

Rack Deads (Pin #1)

  • 225, 315, 405, 505, 585 x 3
  • 635 x 1

My dad was in town for the weekend and stopped by the gym.  After watching us squat he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to do rack deads with us…in jeans no less.  He’s 54 years old and stroked 635 like it was an empty bar, he tried 685 but the jeans wouldn’t allow it!  All this at 198, not sure what his best deads are but he’s pulled over 700 at 198 and 220.  I obviously did not inherit the Deadlift DNA.  Fun to watch, hope he lifts in April.

Accessory: pizza once again


February 18, 2009: ME Bench (deload week)

Floor Press w\ chain

  • 225 x 3, added 1chain per side up to 5 chains total (200 lb total chain),
  • 275 x 1 w\ 5 chain per side
  • 225 x 10 w\ 3 chains per side
  • 135 x 5 x 4 chain, 3, chain, 2 chain, 1 chain, strip-down set

Accessory: SS bar tris, flyes, cable cross-over, band push downs


February 16, 2009: ME Dead

Deads w\ 2 mats under plates (each mat is 2”)

·         Raw: 225, 315, 405 x 3

·         Fusion suit on: 505, 555, 610, 630 x 1

·         550 x 1 (1 mat), 505 x 1 (floor)

Accessory: belt squats, lat pull-downs, band leg curls


February 15, 2009: Speed\Recovery

Speed Bench w\ mini band in foam x 9 sets, different grip each set

Shoulder and tricep work


February 13, 2009: ME Squat\Dead

Squat w\ 100 lb chain – NO BOX all the way

·         Box: 225, 275, 315, 365 x 2 x 2 sets

·         405 x 2

·         505 x 1

The 600-ish in just briefs was pretty smooth and about where I expect to be after doing several work sets but I don’t feel comfortable AT ALL and my top end sucks since I’ve moved my stance in closer.  I know I had moved my stance out too wide to get meet depth but this is too much, all quads and low back….feel like Steve Goggins (minus the power).  The plan is to ease my stance back out a little bit to get my top end back while making sure I can flare my knees on the way down and get depth.  Going to deload this week on the squat and get back on it for the final stretch before the meet.

Accessory: pizza


February 11, 2009: ME Bench

Reverse Purple band in rack

·         Raw: up to 405 x 1 off chest

·         Shirt

o    545 x 1

Used 3 different shirts during this workout trying to find one that feels comfortable.  I have been working my grip back out on my shirted benches and realized this may not be the way to go.  We do all of our work sets with pinky on the ring to develop arm strength but move our grip back out in the shirt.  I brought my grip back in a bit with the shirt on and was able to get the bar closer to touching and loaded the shirt better in the process.  This also take a lot of tension of my fucked up arm.  By the time I figured this out I had already done about 100 reps so I was pretty gassed.  Going to deload next Wednesday and then try this new grip in the shirt for the weeks following.

Accessory:  bounced around, don’t remember what exactly; we are doing more bicep work…bodybuilding type bicep shit…my reasoning here is if my arms are a little bigger I can handle heavier weights easier; Also doing a lot of shoulder work on both bench days since I use my shoulders a lot while benching.  Working the Yoke as its called!


February 9, 2009: Squat\Dead Assistance

GM Squats

Speed squats

Other accessory work


February 8, 2009: Speed\Recovery

Speed Bench w\ chains x 9 sets, different grip each set

Shoulder and tricep work


February 7, 2009: ME Squat\Dead

Squat w\ 100 lb chain

·         Raw: up to 315 x 2

·         Box: 225, 275, 315, 365, 415 x 2

·         No Box: 225, 315, 405 x 1

Deads from floor against purple band (speed week)

·         315 x 1 x 6 sets

·         405 x 1 x 2 sets

Assistance: glute-ham, reverse hyper, band leg curls, abs


February 4, 2009: ME Bench

Regular Bench

·         Raw: 225 x 2 off chest; 275, 315 x 2 off 2 board

·         Shirt

o    345 x 1 – 2 board

o    405 x 2 – 2 board

o    435 x 1 – 1 board

o    455 x 1 – 1 board

I used Josh’s Karin shirt instead of the Metal shirt I had been using.  The Metal shirt is junk, I got a lot out of the Karin shirt but Josh’s is a bit too tight so I had trouble getting down to the 1 board.  We changed my setup again after the 455 and I was able to get a better groove.  Going to head up to Karins this weekend to get a shirt made that I will be able to touch in.  Going to live in the shirt for a while.

Accessory:  3 board close grip w\ 225 x 10, 225 x 20; skull crushers, 1 arm shoulder raise on calf machine, db shoulder press, band back on bench, bicep super set


February 2, 2009: Squat\Dead Accessory

Zercher harness w\ monster mini band: 275 x 5 x 3 sets; speed _ explosion

Speed squats: green band x 5 x 10 sets

Accessory:  whatever I felt like, don’t remember


February 1, 2009: Speed Work

Double mini bands: 135 x 3 x 8 sets (different grip each set)

Accessory: standing military press (135 x 10); lockouts (315); band hell; db biceps superset


January 31, 2009: ME Squat\Dead

Getting back to basics on the squat.  Had to pull out a mat on the box to get to meet depth., box height is approx 13” which puts me 1” below parallel.


55lb Squat Bar

  • Raw: up to 315 x 2
  • Briefs: 325, 375, 415, 465, 505 x 2 à all sets done to box
  • Pulled the box out and stripped bar down to 225 and added 100 lb chain then 315+chain x 1


Deads from floor (briefs) up to 505 x 3

Accessory: not much


January 28, 2009: ME Bench

Foam Bench w\ straight weight; added mats under bench to increase range of motion by approx 2” – total range of motion is similar to 2 board

  • Raw: 325 x 5 x 3 sets; 355 x 1
  • Shirt: 415, 465 x 1; changed my setup to help maintain arch and improve leg drive; seemed to help considerably


Accessory: normal crazy band shit; very sore for a few days


February 4, 2009

I haven’t posted since my shitty performance at the January Pro\AM.  Not much to say other than its time to change a few things with training and life in general.  I’m confident everything is fixable.  Went to Jamaica with my wife for a week the Wednesday after the meet, now its time to work…


“More is not better.  Better is better.” – Demon Wendler


My lifts at the Pro\AM (only reason I’m even posting this is to remind me of how fucking pathetic this is..)



Squat 1

Squat 2

Squat 3

Bench 1

Bench 2

Bench 3

Dead 1

Dead 2

Dead 3














good but shitty



harder than should be

arm being a pussy

me being a pussy


pulled it but called for unlocked knees, wtf?





December 27, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ LeXen

Circa Week 1: 60lb Squat Bar w\ Blue _ Green band (approx 350 lbs tension), briefs only

  • Worked up to 415 x 2

The 415 was pretty easy, wanted to do more but Chuck wanted us to save it for next week.  We will do the blue _ green again fro singles all the way up with suit on, straps down.


Deadlifts off 4 mats

  • 615 x 1
  • 635 x miss

We did the same thing on Monday so this didn’t go well as can be expected.  It’s hard to tell the devil No so we just went with it.


Accessory work: pull-thrus, abs, shrugs, neck


December 24, 2008

ME Bench

Floor Press w\ chain

  • 235 x 3, added 1chain per side up to 5 chains total (200 lb total chain), did last set with all 5 chains for 5 reps
  • 185 and 3 chains per side x 17


Accessory work: normal shit


December 22, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

Deads w\ plates on 3 mats

  • 135, 225, 315 x 3
  • 415, 505, 555, 615 x 1 – Fusion suit on, straps down
  • 645 x 1 – straps up

The mats we use are old wrestling mats so the weight sinks in pretty good.  The bar is only elevated about 3 inches with the heavier weight so this is pretty much a full range of motion.  No grip problems with the weight due to choking the wrist wraps. 


Good Mornings

  • 225 x 5 x 3 sets
  • 225 x 10
  • 325 x 10


Accessory Work: band leg curls, leg extensions, lat pull-downs – narrow _ wide, abs,



December 21, 2008


band work; shoulders, tris, bis, abs


December 20, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ LeXen

60 lb Squat Bar w\ 2 boat chain per side (220 lb chain total); sets done to box below parallel, briefs only

  • 135, 185 x 2
  • 240 x 2 x 4 sets
  • 290 x 2 x 2 sets
  • 290 x 2, added green band and high box

Deads from floor against double-choked monster mini bands (approx 250 lbs tension)

  • 135, 18, 225, 275, 315, 365 x 2 (briefs only)


Accessory Work: reverse hyper, abs, kettlebell shrugs


We did this workout 6-8 weeks ago and I struggled with 235 for sets.  Working on my form has allowed me to get depth much easier and subsequently made the weights feel much better…go figure.  The Jan\Pro AM is getting close and things are starting to come together at the right time.  Need to maintain focus and finish strong.


I’m really enjoy training at LeXen.  We are in the car for almost 3 hours every Saturday for the round trip all to get yelled and to kick the shit out of ourselves but it will all be worth it at the meet.  We have a great crew on Saturdays and everyone helps each other.  We have an opportunity for everyone to put up good numbers in 2009. 


Rant of the Day:  Chuck Fought is going to take care of Donnie Thompson’s BULLSHIT total soon…then we are going to go to England and whip Andy Bolton’s fucking ass at the 09 WPC Worlds.  I GUARANTEE Fought beats him AND to add insult to injury he will out Deadlift him   As far as Donnie’s bullshit, we spent 2 fucking years getting the judging cleaned up in the IPA all to have it wrecked by that motherfucker.  I don’t know Donnie personally but I don’t know how the fuck he can look at himself in the mirror after that bullshit…and shame on the IPA for passing the fucking shit…high squats and unlocked deadlifts…WTF!  World records should be perfect!  And now Donnie is “retiring” ….I would call it running!  End of Rant…thx for listening…I feel better.


Merry Chirstmas, Happy New Year and GET YOUR FUCKING WEIGHT UP!!!


December 17, 2008

ME Bench

Reg Bench w\ 100 lb chain

  • 135, 185, 225 x 3 – no shirt
  • 275, 315, 385, 415 x 1 – Metal shirt _ 2 board


Accessory Work: band hell, chest row, db shoulders work, bi’s


December 15, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

Rack pulls against monster minis (Pin #1), belt only

  • Up to 585 x 1

So I was irritated about missing the 630 at Lexen on Saturday so I decided to pull in rack again with monster minis.  The way I have the monster minis set up it probably adds about 50-75 lbs at the top.  Grip has always been a problem for me on the Deadlift and this was an opportunity to see if wrapping my wrists really helps as much as I think it does…the answer is hell yes!  I have Josh wrap my wrists to the point I can barely open my hand enough to grab the bar, this makes all the difference in the world.  I’ve felt like my body could pull 650 or better but my right hand just can’t hold onto the weight.  Looking forward to pulling for a change at the Pro\Am.  The 585 vs bands was pretty easy and I was able to hold it at the top long enough to talk shit for a few seconds.  This is a PR so I stopped here…still training smart (most of the time).


Accessory work: leg curls, leg extensions, shrugs, t-bar rows, face-pulls, calve raises


December 14, 2008


band work; speed bench w\ mini band, shoulders, tris, bis, abs…nothing exciting just flushing blood into the parts that ache which is mostly all of them…


December 13, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ LeXen

Reverse Blue Band; briefs only

  • 455, 545, 635, 725, 775, 815 x 2 – free squat, 1” below parallel:
  • 905 x 2 – to box 1” above parallel

Chuck V was calling our depth, which means everyone breaks parallel by at least an inch.  I was able to push my ass back at the top and keep my knees flared to get depth finally.  Feeling much better about my form…its about fucking time!


Rack Deads (below knee)

  • 245, 445, 535, 585 x 1
  • 630 x miss; didn’t wrap my wrist like a dumbass and the bar popped out of my hand at the top.

Accessory work: neck, reverse hyper leg curls, abs


December 10, 2008

ME Bench

Regular Bench

  • Worked up to 315 x 1 off chest

Purple band choked down in rack to foam (approx 200 lb tension)

  • 135, 185, 225 x 1 – raw
  • 275, 315 x 1 -  Metal shirt

Accessory work: band hell, abs


December 8, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

·         Light restoration work, bounced around the gym aimlessly doing different shit…also basically did a speed squat session with a green band and 100 lb chain (no weight and no gear) just to keep a focus on form


December 5, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ Iron House

Squat w\ 100 lb chain to parallel box

  • 225, 315, 405, 515 x 2 – briefs only
  • 605 x 1
  • 700 x 1
  • 745 x miss

The 700 x 1 with 100lb chain is a PR…figured out that I haven’t been pushing my ass back at the beginning of the squat which makes it difficult to keep my knees flared and to get depth.  Feeling better about my squat after several weeks of feeling like a pussy.  Training with strong fucks like  Chuck V, Wenning, Fought _ Hoff can make your mind play tricks on you!

Not much accessory work…worn the fuck out


December 3, 2008

ME Bench

Regular Bench

  • Worked up to 365 x 1 off chest

Reverse Purple Band in rack with Metal shirt _ 2 board

  • 315, 405, 495 x 1


Accessory work: band hell, abs


December 1, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

Decided to pull heavy after shitty day at Lexen on Saturday


  • Worked up to 505 x 1 with just belt (no briefs\suit)
  • Fusion suit on: 570, 605 x 1; the 605 was pretty easy which I’m happy about since I never pull worth a shit in the gym…not bad this far out


Accessory work: band leg curls, leg curls, shoulder press w\ calf machine, db shoulder work, lat pulldowns, abs


November 29, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ Lexen


  • 730 x 1

Belt squats x 1 million sets\reps; hypers, abs


November 26, 2008

ME Bench

Reverse Blue Band in rack

·         225, 315, 405, 455, 505 x 1

  • Added 2 board and put Metal denim shirt on
    • 525, 555, 575 x 1

I was planning on taking the night off to give my arm a break but after an easy night on Monday it didn’t seem right to take another light night.  Instead of doing a bunch of work sets before adding the shirt I decided to get right to it so my arm wouldn’t be overly fatigued.  The 575 was fast and didn’t’ feel that bad in my hands.  My bench has been pretty strong I’m just a pussy with any kind of weight in my hands…this was a good step in the right direction.  Jon Brown hit 705 off a 1 board strong.  He is due to bench 600 in the near future.

Accessory work: band supersets


November 24, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

We took it easy tonight in preparation for taking a weight at LeXen on Saturday.


November 23, 2008


Speed bench w\ kettlebells

Trained at Lexen and ran with Matt Wenning _ Nate Strong.  Nothing too crazy, benching w\ kettlebells suspended from mini bands is different.  You have to really work on stabilizing the weight throughout the lift.  Accessory work included tricep work with kettlebells, shoulder work, abs, lats and neck.


November 21, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ Iron House

Squat bar w\ blue band, briefs only

·         135, 225, 315 x 2

  • 415 x 2 x 3 sets
  • 465 x 1
  • 505 x 1

Deads vs green bands, briefs

·         225, 315, 415, 445 x 1

Accessory work: band leg curls, reverse hyper, abs


November 19, 2008

ME Bench

Board pyramid w\ 100 lb chain

·         Chest: 95, 135, 185, 225 x 2

  • 2 board: 275 x 2
  • 3 board: 275 x 2
  • 4 board: 275 x 2
  • 3 board: 275 x 2
  • 2 board: 275 x 2
  • 2 board: 275 x 2 with Metal shirt; arm was worn the fuck out so I only did one set in the shirt.  I HAVE to take next week off from benching and get into the masotherapist or bad shit is going to happen..again

Assistance work: basically did a constant circuit consisting of the following: 4 exercises of band hell, band push-downs, bar pushdowns, band shoulder press, db press on stability ball, abs, louie db tris


Good workout besides my pussy arm.  Talked to Chuck V last night about going to Nebraska to lift in a meet Big Iron will be putting on at the end of March.  Thinking about doing this and sitting out the Jan Pro\am.  My arm could use the extra time plus I can help Chuck and some of the other guys in January and they can help me and a few others at the BIG meet in March.  I really enjoy going out of town to lift in meets and it’s been a few years since we have gone to a big meet outside of Ohio.  Time for a road trip!


November 17, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

Good Mornings

·         135, 225, 315, 405, 315 x 3; 225 x 10

Leg curls, seated calves, db shrugs, lat pulldowns, face-pulls, reverse hypers, abs


November 15, 2008

ME Squat\Dead @ LeXen

Squat bar w\ 110 lb monster chains on each side (220 lbs chain total), briefs only

·         145, 255, 345 x 2

  • 395 x 1

Monster chains will fuck you up!  We have been using a lot of chains since the Aug Pro\Am.  I had these monster chains that look like they came off a Navy ship or a submarine at Iron House that I procured to contribute to the torture.  Each chain link is about10 inches in diameter and the chains are about 4 feet long.  To make the chains even more fun we hook both ends of the chain to the bar so nothing ever touches the floor (can’t reduce the load of course).  This also makes the swing of the chain ridiculous.  You can’t go too fast out of the hole or you will fall over.  This is nothing like the smaller chains that are used to bench.  At any rate, the chains are the shit and really work your stabilizing muscles.  I tweaked my knee a bit in the middle of the session so I didn’t push the weight and decided not to pull just to make sure everything is ok. 


November 12, 2008

ME Bench

Reverse purple band

·         225, 275, 315 x 3

  • 375 x 3 x 3 sets
  • 415, 445 x 1

Accessory work: tricep circuit w\ band, extension _ push-down super set, abs, lat work

I put a shirt on for 315 _ 405 but my arm was worn out so I stopped there.  I’m going to have to take a down week soon to be able to make a strong run at the end of the cycle.  Accessory work doesn’t sound like much but the shit we do really blows up the triceps and back.  Training smarter these days…


November 10, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

Reverse Green band deads in rack (bar out of the bands at the top), belt only

·         225, 325, 415, 505, 555 x 3

  • 595, 645 x 1
  • 675 x miss; ran out of gas, the bitch was heavy especially with no gear on but the 645 was a PR and I’m really feeling good about my deadlift form

Accessory Work: band hell on the leg press, straight arm lat pull-downs, overhead press on the standing calf machine, band abs on glute-ham


November 9, 2008


  • light tricep, chest _ shoulder work


November 8, 2008

ME Squat @ LeXen

Reverse purple band _ 110 lb monster chains; no box _ breaking parallel

  • 255, 345, 455, 545 x 2 – briefs
  • 635, 685 x 2 – suit on
  • 815 x 1 – high box

Rack Deads w\ 110 lb monster chains

·         315, 405 x 3

  • 495 x 1
  • 545 x miss; just about locked it out but the shit was heavy, the bar didn’t slip out of my hand though so that’s good


November 5, 2008

ME Bench

Reg Bench

·         185, 225 x 3

  • 275, 315, 345, 365, 385 x 1; only 20 lbs off my best before the streak of arm breaks, arm felt better the best it has in a LONG time
  • Added Metal shirt to start getting used to a shirt again: 275, 315, 365 x 1 off 2 board; just getting back into the groove of the shirt, all were easy (as they should be), the plan is to put on the shirt about every week from here until the Jan Pro\Am adding 20lbs each week

Accessory Work: band pushdowns, db louie’s, band pull aparts, single arm band pushdowns, face pulls



November 3, 2008

Squat\Dead Assistance

·         Zercher Harness up to 405 x 3 – back roached after this

  • Good Morning Squats w\ SS bar and purple band
  • Db rows, reverse pec dec, straight arm lats, a few other things that I don’t remember



November 2, 2008


  • light tricep, chest _ shoulder work



November 1, 2008

Squat\Dead @ LeXen

Blue _ Puple band squat (briefs)

  • 135, 185, 225, 275 x 2 – no box
  • 325 x 2 x 5 sets – box, breaking parallel
  • 375, 415, 465 x 2 – high box

You may look at this and think this is easy weight and for some it may be easy, however Chuck has 2, 2x6s on the legs of the already ultra-wide monolift we use which increases band tension by another 50-75lbs.


Deads from floor against double-choked monster minis (approx 200 lbs tension)

  • worked up to 365 x 1 (briefs)


Accessory Work: Chuck V Death Machine, HEAVY abs, kettle-bell shrugs, neck work


So the Chuck V Death Machine is an apparatus that Chuck designed that I can’t really tell you about because he would kill me…and then kill you.  The purpose of the Death Machine is to blow up your low back, hamstrings and glutes as well as wish you were dead.  Chuck thinks that us small fuckers should do about the same weight with this machine as he does.  I try not to be a pussy but the motherfucker squats in the 1100s and I squat in the 800s.  I’m no math major but that shit just doesn’t add up.  This is Chucks attempt at humor and I’m telling you that shit isn’t funny!  The abs were so fucking heavy I could only do 3 sets of 6…he is the devil.  Jon Brown couldn’t do one of these abs to start and this too was funny shit for Chuck…it did make Jon mad enough to get a few reps.



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